Krystyna Healing Therapy

On November 19 2016 an incredible human being with a huge heart and a pure soul has passed away. What remains are hundreds of healed and happy people who were touched by God’s mighty power through Krystyna’s healing hands. We remain grateful for your incredible and unique gifts, help and support. Krystyna, you will be truly missed… 

Krystyna Jaworowska, an innate psychic energy healer

Krystyna Jaworowska, a psychic energy healer from Poland, has discovered her miraculous innate gift of healing at age 11 when she spontaneously healed her mother on her deathbed. Her mother fully recovered from cancer and lived for another 40 years. Krystyna later brought back her newborn son from the verge of passing to the other side, and subsequently restored his vision; all through incredible love and trust in God. Since then Krystyna has refined her healing arts and travels throughout US and Europe, fully dedicated to helping make the impossible possible. Her psychic hands-on-healing and remote healing have led to hundreds of healings and spontaneous remissions.


Krystyna describes her wonderful healing gift in these words “I am only an instrument in God’s hands. The Holy Spirit, God, heals through my hands. Despite numerous sacrifices that my life path as a healer entails, it is the most wonderful gift that I could have received from God.”


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Mobile: (908) 400-2826

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Krystyna Healing Therapy has 4 regular locations:

  • Avenel, NJ (covers New York City and northern New Jersey)
  • Middletown, CT
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cape Coral, FL


Krystyna also travels around the country to specially arranged groups.